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Covid-19 Closure; Technology Tips for Equipment Upkeep and Preparation for Re-Opening.


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As well as providing guidance and support, CTC engages in a wide range of activities aimed at further educating industry professionals and improving the cinema experience. These include training courses, lectures, technical handbooks, educational visits, seminars, web seminars, networking events, projectionist certification and one of the industry’s leading technical journals, Cinema Technology Magazine.

The outbreak of Covid-19 in late 2019 and early 2020 has placed critical pressure on the global cinema community with the exhibition sector in most major markets being forced to shut down as governments seek to prevent the spread of the virus by limiting mass gatherings and social interactions. Due to the unprecedented response to the developing situation surrounding COVID-19 and the decision of many of our partners in exhibition to suspend their operations for what may potentially be an extended period of time CTC would like to offer the following general recommendations surrounding shutdown of projection and sound equipment. The recommendations below should be checked with your local installation and integration partners and serve as guidance. This document will be constantly evaluated and added to as a means of providing guidance to the exhibition sector.

Shutting Down Equipment

Digital Cinema Projectors

Leave the projector’s uninterruptible power supply (UPS) powered with the projector in “standby” mode. Doing this will help to keep the security certificate in your media block from being lost which will result in being unable to play encrypted content without a new media block.

Exhaust fans should be switched off and any dampers closed. Lens caps or other protective coverings may be placed on the outside of lenses to keep airborne dust and dirt from settling on the glass.

Best practice varies considerably and CTC recommends obtaining specific instructions relating to your projector from either your integration partner or product manufacturer.

3D Systems

3D systems should be powered down and filters where possible slid or moved away from the projector lens. 3D filters should be covered where possible.

Digital Cinema Servers

Leave the server’s uninterruptible power supply (UPS) powered with the server in “standby” mode. This will ensure that your integration or service partners are able to gain remote access to assist should you encounter any problems. Ensuring your servers remain in standby mode will also ensure that the security certificate in your media block remains valid the result of which would be the loss of ability to play encrypted content without the addition of a new media block. This is especially important for Series 1 projectors.

Audio and Control Systems

Leave any audio rack or control sys