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CTC Extends FREE Community Membership To Global Cinema Professionals

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, SEPTEMBER 14TH 2020 — Cinema Technology Community (CTC), the not-for-profit independent trade organisation has announced a further extension to its free membership level to help support the global cinema technology community.

In March 2020, CTC created its Community Membership scheme that allowed cinema professionals to gain six month’s free access to all members-only content including presentations, white papers, handbooks, test materials, podcasts, magazines and over fifteen hours of video content. The scheme was designed to provide the global cinema community with a platform to seek advice, share knowledge and expertise and remain connected by sharing words, pictures and videos during the spread of Covid-19.

“We launched the Community Membership scheme as our way of giving back to our industry and to support our colleagues and peers during the most difficult of times. During the past six months we have seen our membership increase substantially and today we are now the largest and most geographically represented technology trade organisation in our industry with over 550 members in more than 65 countries. Whilst we’re seeing the re-emergence of cinema around the world, we recognise that the global recovery for our industry is likely to be longer than we initially expected. As such the CTC team have taken the step to extend the Community Membership scheme until March 2021 to allow our industry to continue to learn and share knowledge together,” explains Richard Mitchell, President of CTC.

During the past six months, CTC delivered a vast array of content including guidance for Covid shutdowns and restarts, a guide to drive-in screenings, white papers, magazines, podcasts and its acclaimed Tech Talks seminar series on key technology topics.

Over the coming months, CTC will deliver further white papers, a second season of Tech Talks, more editions of Cinema Technology Magazine, a range of cinema test materials and an updated version of its leading Projection Handbook.

Cinema professionals can sign up today online by visiting

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