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Guidance on Decommissioning Legacy Cinema Servers

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, NOVEMBER 22ND 2023 — Cinema Technology Community (CTC), the not-for-profit independent trade organisation has released a set of guidance notes for cinema industry professionals on how best to decommission and store legacy cinema servers.

In recent months, Dolby has announced two important updates regarding servers, firstly the Certificate Extension for Servers and also the Dolby/Doremi Y2K24 SM RTC Issue.

Whist exhibitors are working with their integrators and Dolby to identify the servers affected, an increasing number of CTC members are taking the opportunity to mitigate the risk of being off-screen due to server failure and replacing servers.

CTC has been contacted by a number of members regarding the best practices for changing servers and decommissioning old servers and/or storing old servers as back up devices and has released new guidance on how best to do this.

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