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Women In Cinema Series

At CineEurope 2019, CTC in partnership with Celluloid Junkie sat down with 12 female industry executives from across the world to discuss their careers in cinema, the challenges they've faced, the importance of mentoring and what they feel needs to be done to help create a more diverse industry.

Below are three interviews from the series, the remainder of the series is exclusive to CTC members. Join our community today to gain access to over 10 hours of video content, white papers, reports, downloads and much more by clicking here. Mariam El Bacha - CEO, Cinepax

Laura Houlgatte - CEO, UNIC

Debbie Stanford Kristiansen - CEO, Novo Cinemas

The remaining nine interviews feature:-

Theresa English - Principal, TK Architects

Jessica Carlin - Founder, Screen Moguls

Grainne Peat - Managing Director, Event Cinema Association (ECA)

Sarah Lewthwaite - SVP and MD EMEA, Movio

Toni Purvis - Director of Delivery and Operations, Amblin Partners Araceli Vaello - CCO, Volfoni

Sandie Caffelle - Global Sales Manager, Jack Roe

Heather Blair - Founder, OuiMarket4U

Alessandra Bernacchi - Senior Manager, Theatre Development, IMAX

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