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Hi folks

I started working as a Projectionist for Apollo Cinemas Shipley during November 1989. Since then I have worked for Showcase and UCI completing stints at Lee Velley, Cardiff, Trafford Park and Otsu in Japan.

I moved to Sony Pictures Releasing as Technical Director back in 2001 where I have been responsibe for all motion picture content from the moment it exits post production all the way through to Delivery at Cinemas.

I'm also responsible for the submission of Sony Pictures content to the BBFC.

In April 2018 I made the leap to Director of Technical and Distribution which involves a more hands on position within the Sony Pictures Sales Team working closely with our exhibition partners whilst still overseeing all things Technical within our group.

My interests are of course movies, anything, particularly the 70's and 80's.

Music, I tend to sway towards something with a harder edge.

Cats, My wife and I have two pedigree cats which are more than an ample substitute for children.

Technology, I love a gadget!


Darren Sands

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