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Important Updates for Old Servers and
Guidance for Decommissioning Equipment.

Dolby has recently announced two important updates regarding servers, firstly and most timely the Dolby/Doremi Y2K24 SM RTC Issue which is critical before the end of December 2023 and Certificate Extension for Servers before the end of November 2025.

As with any other technology, equipment used in cinema will age and eventually need to be replaced.  Some exhibitors are taking the opportunity to mitigate the risk of being off-screen due to server failure by replacing older "legacy" servers with newer models.

CTC has been contacted by a number of members regarding the best practices for changing servers and decommissioning old servers and/or storing old servers as back up devices.


Swapping Out But Maintaining Legacy Servers

Decommissioning Legacy Servers 

  1. Delete all feature films and KDMs from old server

  2. Remove the server

  3. Label the server with original installation information including the cinema location and screen number along with serial number of the Dolphin/Video Board

  4. Store the server in a secure manner and do not leave unattended in a vehicle if/when transporting to another location

  5. If the server is being kept for possible future use, store securely and allow for power up periodically (recommended 2-3 hours per month minimum.  Alternatively - replace the real-time clock (RTC) battery regularly to maintain clock and certificates.

  6. Install the new server and confirm it is working.

  7. Contact your Distributor and Mastering House mailing list informing them of:

    • the old serial number being removed, including cinema location and screen number. 

    • the new serial number being installed and request new KDMs for Cinema and Screen.

  8. Update any macros or cinema/screen specific configurations (3D, 2D, Formats, Automation etc.)

  1. The same procedures should be followed as if you were changing servers (see previous guidance). 

  2. When informing the Distributor and Mastering House mailing list for new KDMs - clearly state that you wish to retire the old server/serial number and also inform the OEM of the decommissioning of the device.

  3. As the device is being decommissioned, there is no need to maintain the server however it should be disposed of securely.  Destroy HDDs if not intended for re-use and destroy the Dolphin/Video card.

  4. Take a photo of the destroyed video card for records.

  5. Dispose of the server responsibly through WEE regulation where applicable.

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