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Cinema Technology Magazine

Cinema Technology Magazine is the world's leading independent publication focused around technology for the cinema industry.  The quarterly magazine has been published for more than thirty years and has built a reputation as the go to publication for impartial guidance on all things technology. 

Each quarter the magazine covers a range of issues from cinema design and construction through to new product reviews, opinion pieces, global updates from regional and global events, profiles of cinemas and much more.

Articles in the September 2023 Edition:-

  • Exploring The Marketing Mastery Behind Barbenheimer

  • There's Only One Topic For Discussion After The Summer Of 2023: #Barbenheimer

  • What I Missed About Cinema

  • Seven Decades Of Presenting Ads On The Big Screen

  • Transitioning To Laser Projection? Don't Forget The Screen!

  • The Five Things You Need To Know About The IAB Naming Convention

  • Interview With Wim Buyens, CEO, Cinionic

  • LG Miraclass Cinema LED Screen

  • Aspect Ratios: Why They Matter...

  • A Spotlight on Shaw Studios & Theatre, Hong Kong

  • OneView To Rule Them All

  • Back To Its Best - CineEurope 2023

  • Five Years On - CTC Update

  • UNIC View

  • ICTA View

  • IMIS View

  • UKCA View - Cinema 'Subtitling Technology'

  • Q&A - Theresa English, Principal, TK Architects

If you'd like to write an article for a future edition or have an idea for a story, email

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