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Event Cinema Room Tests

The CTC Room Tests programme is available as a file for broadcast and off-line testing of the signal chain.


The CTC Event Cinema Room Tests are available in three versions: 5.1, two channel, and Atmos. Recommended software and equipment to play the Atmos version are detailed in the Event Cinema Room Tests Guide (PDF).

There is a DCP for those who wish to use the Room Tests programme for training and reference.  The DCP must not be used as a substitute for taking part in test transmissions.

Certain units such as projectors and sound processors often have their own test routines, and these can be used alongside the Room Tests programme.

In all cases, if you suspect an issue with projection or sound, we encourage you to take a picture of the test programme and pass the information to your cinema manager, integrator or service engineer, as appropriate.

The following programme includes tests for:-

  • Clapperboard

  • Lip Sync

  • Pip & Flash

  • Loudspeakers

  • Focus

  • Convergence

  • Framing

  • Aspect Ratio

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