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Our Core Activities

In supporting the development of the cinema industry, CTC undertakes a number of activities aimed at developing skills and knowledge both for individuals and organisations.


Training Courses

Our regular training courses focus on providing best practice guidance for operating cinema equipment and quality movie-going presentation.

Knowledge Sharing

From lectures and seminars delivered around the world through to web seminars and podcasts we provide regular informative and insightful presentations on cinema technology.


Technical Handbooks

Our handbooks and documents are designed to support professionals working with digital cinema equipment.

Educational Visits

CTC provides opportunities for members to visit sites of interest including manufacturing facilities to enhance education.


Networking Events

Knowledge-sharing is key to the development of our industry. Regular events including the annual awards night allows professionals to meet and discuss pertinent issues.


Over the past 30 years, CTC's Cinema Technology Magazine has established itself as the leading publication for cinema technology.

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