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The Economic And Sustainability Benefits Of Screens - White Paper

At its heart, the cinematic experience relies on great content presented as the film-maker intended in a way that immerses movie-goers in the story. Often forgotten about but arguably one of the most important elements of the cinematic experience is the piece of equipment movie-goers spend the most time during their cinema visit looking at, the big screen.

From the introduction of perforations in screens to allow for speaker placement behind the screen through to coated silver screens that enabled 3D content to be shown using passive systems, over the past seventy years the evolution of screen technology has helped to drive forward innovation in the cinema.

But what is less well understood is the economic and in turn sustainability benefits of selecting the correct screen. Screen choice can affect consumable (lamps) choices and costs, power consumption, the choice of projection of equipment and indeed the useful life of that equipment, all things which can help exhibitors in managing their carbon footprint.

In this white paper, we will explore the screen from an economic perspective looking at the opportunities they provide to reduce operational and capital costs, the typical return on investment that can be realised as well as the important factors that need to be considered when selecting or replacing a screen.

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