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Geek Spot - Episode 11 of In The Pub with Mike Bradbury Podcast out now!

In The Pub With Mike Bradbury is the regular podcast from Cinema Technology Community (

CTCs podcast team are back for a whole new feature length episode. Publican Mike Bradbury is once again joined by regulars Kevin Markwick and Toni Purvis and special guest Cinematographer Nic Knowland (best known for his work on movies including Institute Benjamenta, or This Dream People Call Human Life (1995), Berberian Sound Studio (2012) and The Duke of Burgundy (2014)). In this episode the team get insights in to the creative process and why the differences between what the film maker intended and what's shown on screen matters, they discuss HDR and the lack of standards, the magic of cinema, audio description technology and much more.

Download now on iTunes | Spotify | Podbean or listen below.

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