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S1 & S2 Projection Uplifts White Paper

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, MARCH 10TH 2021 — Cinema Technology Community (CTC), the not-for-profit independent trade organisation has announced the release of its white paper focusing on uplifting presentation quality with Series 1 and 2 digital projectors.

As the cinema industry begins its long recovery from Covid-19, CTC has published a detailed white paper providing useful insights to cinema exhibitors both large and small who may find themselves needing to operate ageing equipment for the short to mid-term.

“Our industry has faced an incredible strain over the past 12 months and the recovery process is going to take some time,” says Richard Mitchell, President of CTC. “As the world emerges from this difficult period, the majority of exhibitors around the world will rightly be focused on returning to normal business operations as quickly as possible so that they can rebuild their financial security. For many exhibitors that had planned significant overhauls to their projection equipment prior to Covid-19, this process may well be delayed for a significant amount of time due to the associated costs involved. This means that a significant percentage of the installed base of series 1 and 2 projectors will remain in operation for a longer duration than previously expected and thus it is essential that these are managed properly to maintain their operational capability,” he adds.

Whilst this new guide focuses on processes that should be undertaken including cleaning, there is a significant focus on the options available to exhibitors to make more financially manageable investments in the shorter term to prolong the life of their projection equipment whilst improving presentation quality.

“With cinemas re-opening, it’s important that exhibitors do as much as they possibly can to create safe spaces and remind movie-goers what they’ve missed and why the big screen experience is the best way to watch a movie. This white paper produced by our team provides valuable insights in to how exhibitors with small and manageable investments, may be able to significantly improve presentation quality, reverse some of the performance degradation experienced over the past decade, manage and in many cases reduce day-to-day operational expenditure and plot a path to future technology upgrades when these once again become financially viable,” Mitchell adds.

The white paper entitled “Restoring Performance to Series 1 and Series 2 Digital Projectors” can be downloaded from the CTC website (

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About CTC

With over 600 members in more than 70 countries, Cinema Technology Community (CTC), the global cinema technology network, is the world’s largest independent, not-for-profit membership organisation that aims to assist the cinema industry in recognizing the importance that cinema technology and indeed the way in which it’s utilized can have a profoundly positive effect on the movie-going experience.

As well as providing guidance and support, CTC engages in a number of activities aimed at educating and improving the cinema experience. These include training courses, lectures, technical handbooks, educational visits, seminars, web seminars, networking events, professional certification, digital media and video content and the industry’s leading technical journals, Cinema Technology Magazine.

For more information, visit the CTC web page at

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