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Some Things You Need To Know About Laser Projection - New Tech Talk!

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, 20TH APRIL 2023 - Cinema Technology Community (CTC), the not-for-profit independent trade organisation has released a new episode of tech talks providing insights on laser projection technology.

Ahead of CinemaCon 2023, and to help CTC's members prepare for the show and meetings with the projector manufacturers, CTC Tech Talks is back with a brand new episode hosted by Jan Rasmussen (Head of Screen Technology, Nordisk Film Cinemas and CTC Advisory Council Member). In this latest instalment, Jan shares insights on laser projection explaining the different technologies available, the pros and cons of each from a technical stand point as well as total cost of ownership perspective.

Given the proximity to CinemaCon 2023, CTC has made this specific episode free to view for all so whether you're a member or not, make sure you give this excellent presentation a watch!

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