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Optimise Cinema Occupancy Rates in a Post Covid-19 World - White Paper.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, JUNE 11TH 2020 — Cinema Technology Community (CTC), the not-for-profit independent trade organisation has released a white paper aimed at providing guidance for exhibitors as they seek to optimise occupancy rates ahead of re-openings.

The guide which is a follow-up to CTC’s Covid-19 guide is available on the CTC web site and covers elements including building considerations, technological tools, people safety and communication, PPE, sanitation methods and economic considerations.

“The fundamental changes that are necessary to re-open cinemas and keep both staff and movie-goers safe are significant and cannot be understated. Communication and establishing trust not just in the adapted cinema environment but also in new practices is essential. But behind all of these challenges lays the core element of making the movie-going experience a pleasant and enjoyable one that allows customers to escape the real-world for several hours and that requires careful planning and execution,” explains Richard Mitchell, President of CTC.

This new guide continues to build upon CTCs support of the global cinema industry which has seen CTC release a number of guides, new additions to the “In The Pub With Mike Bradbury” podcast series, the recently launch on-demand “Tech Talks” video seminar series and the free 6-month Community Membership scheme which continues to attract significant interest from across the globe enabling cinema professionals to learn and communicate together.

Since launching the Community Membership programme, CTC has welcomed on board over 300 new members in 56 countries each receiving and initial six-month free access to all members-only content including presentations, white papers, handbooks, test materials, podcasts, magazines, over twelve hours of video content including CTC’s complete Women in Cinema series and the CTC technology forum aimed at enabling the cinema community to seek advice, share knowledge and expertise and remain connected by sharing words, pictures and videos.

CTC remains committed to supporting the global cinema industry and is increasingly positive about our industry’s ability to adapt, innovate and create safe and welcoming environments for movie-to return to.

Cinema professionals wishing to join the Community Membership programme can sign up today online by visiting

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About CTC

With over 450 members in more than 65 countries, Cinema Technology Community (CTC), the global cinema technology network, is an independent, not-for-profit membership organisation that aims to assist the cinema industry in recognizing the importance that cinema technology and indeed the way in which it’s utilized can have a profoundly positive effect on the movie-going experience.

As well as providing guidance and support, CTC engages in a number of activities aimed at educating and improving the cinema experience. These include training courses, lectures, technical handbooks, educational visits, seminars, web seminars, networking events, professional certification, digital media and video content and the industry’s leading technical journals, Cinema Technology Magazine.

For more information, visit the CTC web page at

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