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Tech Talks Returns for Season 2

CTC's acclaimed seminar on demand series "Tech Talks" has returned for a second series. Featuring insights from industry experts on hot topics, Tech Talks is designed to educate the cinema technology community in short stand-alone episodes.

Both Season 2 and 1 are available to CTC members via the members home page.

Tech Talks Season 2 ​is Now Available:​

  1. Series 1/2 Projector Uplifts

  2. Dolby Atmos Insights

  3. Laser Projection Safety Regulations

  4. Loud Speaker Design

​Upcoming topics include laser speckle, screen specification and design and laser technologies overview.

Tech Talks Season 1 is also available:​

  1. The Customer Journey

  2. Amplifier Dynamic Power

  3. Laser Projector Energy Cost Savings

  4. Living On The Cloud

  5. Sustainability in Cinema

  6. Creating DCP Slides

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